Classic Threads: Toronto Blue Jays

World Titles and Buttons: 1989-1996

US Presswire

US Presswire

As the Blue Jays got better as a ball club, their uniforms updated for the better as well. The pullovers were gone and buttons made their first appearance.

The home white (back) uniforms still said “Blue Jays” on the front. The jays logo went to the left side of the jersey under the script. The back of the jerseys kept the same style as the previous era.

The road jerseys (back) took on a similar look as the home whites. “Toronto” returned to the jersey front, which looks better.

The team also wore a blue alternate jersey that was set up like the home jersey. In 1996, the team wore a special red jersey for Canada Day.

The white front cap was worn as the home lid until 1994. The road hat turned lone hat with the all blue cap with the jay head logo.

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