Classic Threads: Toronto Blue Jays

Modern Styling: 1997-2003



As the team added red accents to the uniforms, they also tweaked the cap logo and added different styles of jerseys to the mix.


There were a few version of the home white jerseys. Initially the plain white jersey featured the “Blue Jays” script and front player number in blue with a powder blue line inside the script. The sleeve hem had a red-powder blue-navy trim. The later version of the home white dropped the sleeve trim and added a blue spoonhead.

Toronto went with a few different alternate home jersey tops. Like the first home design, there was a sleeveless jersey with blue undershirts and the new jay logo under the script on the left side. When the later home design was unveiled, the team opted for a spoonheaded faux vest in both the version (back) with the front player number and one with the new juiced jay “T” logo under the script.

The earlier gray road (back) jerseys were styled much like the home whites. The plain gray top had the sleeve trim and the script had a red line in the font. I thought it was a great mix of color adding the red. Eventually the team drop the sleeve trim when the road top went to a faux vest (back). Much like the newer home uniforms, it had the blue spoonhead. It was nice to see them keep the red trim in the font, it made them look sharp.

The blue alternate top went through two stages, the first which was a plain blue top and then one with a red spoonhead. I loved the look of the back name and number on both jerseys. Making a return was the red Canada Day jersey top.

The team wore two different styled hats. The first was a newer jays head logo, now over a red maple leaf in blue and blue with a red brim. The final season of this era, a juiced jay with a red “T” took over in both a blue and blue with red brim cap.

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