Classic Threads: Toronto Blue Jays

The “Jays” Days: 2004-2011

Aaron Harris / Canadian Press

Aaron Harris / Canadian Press

One thing I absolutely hate about teams is forcing black into a color scheme when it does not make sense. A team called the blue jays has no use for the color black.

The home white (back) jerseys took a plain approach. The “Jays” with blue jay head front script was done with light blue, gray and black accents. Overall, it did not have a cohesive look with the team’s past uniforms.

The road gray uniforms went through two different styled “Toronto” scripts a cursive set (back) and an embossed set (back). The first set did not feature a front player number, but when it was modified away from the home font, they added a front number. The earlier jerseys, in the cursive font, played off an almost symmetrical look to the home uniforms. The later embossed styled jersey gave the team a different look, albeit, not for the better.

The black alternates were designed like the home whites. The team also had a black version for Canada Day.

The team wore a new modified jay head next to a stylized “J” in both gray and black. By 2007, the gray and white “T” logo was put on a black hat.

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