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Dan Hamilton / USA TODAY Sports

Dan Hamilton / USA TODAY Sports

The Blue Jays went back to an updated look to the uniforms they wore when they were World Series champions. This is a look that needs to stay.

The home (back) and away (back) jerseys returned to mirrored styles with “Blue Jays” and “Toronto” on the fronts respectively. A new jays head logo appears under the script to the shirt’s left. Even the back of the jersey went to an updated, yet classic look to the number.

A blue alternate (back) jersey is styled like the home and road jerseys. I love that look, especially for bat flips. The jays even wore a white top with red lettering for Canada Day. They also wore an all red top on a couple occasions.

Returning to the wardrobe was an all blue with new jays head logo hat. A modern white panel hat is worn on Sundays. I’m a huge fan of the special red Canada Day hats worn last season.

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