Classic Threads: New York Mets

Meet The Mets: 1962-1973

Focus on Sport / Getty Images

Focus on Sport / Getty Images

As the New York Mets joined the National League in 1962, they went out and accomplish something no team would ever want, a losing record. Their losing record of 40-120 set the major league mark for most losses since 1899. The team would improve but their wardrobe remained the same. In fact one could argue they had a winning uniform.

At home, the Mets donned white with blue pinstripe uniforms. The front “Mets” script, the front player number and the back number was blue with an thick orange outline.

The road uniforms were a plain gray with a blue spoonhead. They were a sharp set on the field.

From 1962 to 1964 both jerseys did not have a front player number.

Both the home and away jerseys had a circle Mets logo on the left sleeve.

The team hat was the blue with stylized orange interlocking “NY”.

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