Classic Threads: New York Mets

Uniform at Shea: 1974-1981

Focus on Sport / Getty Images

Focus on Sport / Getty Images

As the Mets got deeper into the seventies they decided to make their uniform symmetrical.

From 1974 to 1977, both the home pinstripe and road gray said “Mets” on the front. The blue with orange trim color along with the script and number font remained the same on both jerseys. The road still had the spoonhead.

From 1978 on both the home and away jerseys went to a two button Henley top.  Both jerseys had the added blue and orange collar and hems added to the sleeves. Last names were added to the jerseys in 1979.

The team still wore the blue hat with their iconic “NY” logo. For the 1976 season the team wore a pillbox styled hat with orange stripes running around the cap.

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