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Hit and Miss Uniforms: 1995-Present

Al Bello / Getty Images

Al Bello / Getty Images

For the most part, the Mets have kept a basic them during this run. White with blue pinstripe “Mets” jerseys at home. On the road gray jerseys with “New York” on the front. Along the way have been numerous variations and alternates.

The classic “Mets” in a cursive script on the pinstripe jersey has come in a few different variations. From 1995 to 1998, the jersey was designed exactly to the previous era’s style. The 1999 to 2011 style had the script and numbers the same but with an added black shadow down and to the right when facing it. The shadow was dropped in 2012, a move for the better.

There were even plain white alternate jerseys in both non-shadow and shadow. With the pinstripes gone, the team added a blue spoonhead.

The road jerseys went through the same treatment as the home pinstripes. The 1995 version (back) featured no drop shadow of any kind. By the late nineties the drop shadow was added. As seen from the 2015 season (back), the Mets reverted back to the better non-shadow lettering and numbers.

During the Mets black for the sake of black era, they wore a black alternate top in both a “New York” and “Mets” script. While they probably sold lots of those jerseys, I never liked them. They did not feel like the Mets style.

More in line with the Mets was the addition of blue alternate tops. The “New York” (back) script, in a silver with orange trim is a decent look for them. I’m more partial to the “Mets” (back) script version. It comes off as a fun Friday night look.

Beyond the iconic blue with orange “NY” hat worn, there have been numerous alternates added. It goes without saying I was never a fan of the all black and the black with blue brim caps. It never fit in with the team’s style or colors. Worse yet were those God forsaken gradient helmets when the new Cool-Flo designs were released. With the blue with silver and orange “NY” and the blue with orange brim hats, that’s just a sign of the times. The Mets got to market themselves for more revenue. Let’s not forget the white alternate hat of 1997.

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