St. Louis Cardinals: Offseason Report Card


Jeff Curry/Getty Images North America

Overall Grade: B+

The Cardinals may not have made any exceptionally splashy moves, but they did sign a pitcher in his prime, a high upside bullpen arm, and fortified their bench, satisfying most if not all of the needs across the roster. Missing out on Heyward and Price hurts, but if Grichuk and Piscotty continue to improve they could make missing out on Heyward look like not such a bad thing after all. As for Price, it would have been nice to have a pitcher of his caliber around but it’s not as if the Cardinals are helpless without the lefty, as Carlos Martinez and Michael Wacha could still improve and Adam Wainwright is ready to return.

Many have already written off the Cardinals despite Spring Training having yet to even start, and that may seem accurate at a glance but upon closer inspection the team in St. Louis is still a solid team with a whole lot of pieces left from last year’s 100-win team. The NL Central promises to yet again be a cut-throat battle, and the Cardinals will again be right in the middle of it.

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  1. plm998877

    Thanks for writing about the team during these bleak baseball-less days is appreciated. Giving Oh an A before he even throws a pitch in Jupiter….. I need to see something first. Mozeliak gets an A for not resigning Heywad and letting Piscotty show what he’s made of.


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