The Ten Best Contracts of the 2016 Offseason: Player Perspective

Credit: Ralph Freso / Getty Images North America

Zack Greinke, Arizona Diamondbacks
Six Years, $206.5 million
$62.5 million deferred to 2022-2026 yields a NPV of $193.85 million

There were two records set by starting pitchers this offseason. Greinke set the record for average annual salary, while David Price set the new record for most guaranteed money overall in a single contract. Price’s deal was for seven years and $217 million with an opt-out clause after three years.

Greinke and Price’s contracts are very similar, and both could have found their way onto the list. In an effort to provide deeper analysis, only Greinke’s deal makes the list. Greinke’s contract is better from a player perspective because he still landed a record-setting deal at the age of 32. He should age slightly better than Price, but even if his performance declines beyond his age-35 season, it does not really matter in terms of the contract. The money is his. Price’s contract is a little bit different. He will likely elect to utilize the opt-out clause after three years.

Price is essentially forced to pitch for his next contract over the next three years. Greinke has no such added pressure. He goes off to a relatively pressure-free environment in Arizona, while Price steps right into the thick of things in Boston. If all goes well, Price will make himself more money in three years, but he has very little room for error.

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