The Ten Best Contracts of the 2016 Offseason: Player Perspective

Credit: MASN Sports

Darren O’Day, Baltimore Orioles
Four Years, $31 million

O’Day was one of the few free agents this offseason who could have essentially had his pick of potential landing spots. In the end, the 33-year-old reliever stayed right where he was, re-signing with the Orioles. O’Day’s free agency was unique in that his wife is a high-profile correspondent with Fox News in Washington, D.C. The All-Star submariner’s free agency ultimately came down to the two teams in the Mid-Atlantic.

O’Day has blossomed into one of the best, most consistent relievers in the American League over the past four years. He was rewarded with his first All-Star appearance in 2015, posting a 1.52 ERA, improving his strikeout rate by nearly two per nine, and also proving he has what it takes to close out games. The $31 million contract from the Orioles may seem like a bit of a gamble for a 33-year-old relief pitcher, but in some ways it is a reward for all that O’Day has brought to the Orioles over the past four seasons. This is a much-deserved contract.

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