Five things that have to go right for the Yankees to make the playoffs


(Photo: Anthony Gruppuso, USA TODAY Sports)

4. Jacoby Ellsbury must return to All-Star form

Ellsbury looked phenomenal before he hurt is knee in Washington D.C. on a swing. That swing was the beginning of the end for Ellsbury’s 2015 season. He missed a significant amount of time due to the injury and when he came back he never returned to form. He managed just 21 SBs and a .663 OPS in 111 games. That is not worth the $21 million the Yankees paid him in 2015 and are paying him in 2016. The Yankees need to hope that his drop-off at the plate when he returned from his knee injury was lingering issues and not a sign that he is quickly declining. The offseason could only have helped his knee return to 100 percent and if Ellsbury can be the hitter he was before he went down with the injury the Yankees will be much more likely to contend and make a run into October.

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