Five things that have to go right for the Yankees to make the playoffs


(Photo Credit: Kim Klement/USA TODAY Sports)

5. The Yankees young players must be ready to help produce

It is not a secret that the Yankees roster is filled with veterans. And that means that there is injury risk. Players get injured every year. It is inevitable. When this happens the Yankees are going to need their young players to be ready to step up and fill in. Greg Bird did a phenomenal job last season filling in for Mark Teixeira when he went down with a fractured leg. However, Bird will not be able to do that this year as it was recently announced that he would miss the entire 2016 season with a torn labrum in his shoulder. Nonetheless, the Yankees still have depth at AAA. The list includes Rob Refsnyder (2B), Bryan Mitchell (P), Gary Sanchez (C), and Aaron Judge (OF). It is not a matter of if the Yankees have the necessary players waiting in the wings in case someone goes down. The real question is when someone goes down if these players will be able to fill in the way Greg Bird did last season. The Yankees hope they will.

If all of these things go right for the Yankees — which is possible — they could find themselves riding down the Canyon of Heroes and hoisting their 28th World Series trophy.

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