Ten BBE Writers Predict 2016 Standings and Games Won

Coming into the 2016 season it seemed like a good idea to poll some of our writers here at Baseball Essential and get their thoughts on how things might shake out once we finally get underway. I asked ten different writers with a variety of backgrounds and who support a variety of teams to rank the divisions as they believe they will stand come October. I also asked them to tell me how many games each team would win (being careful to make sure that no one picked more games than were possible for the season.

The results are interesting, to say the least. For one thing, though the first place team in every case remained the same, grouped by the average number of wins projected, it’s interesting to note that in some cases our writers overall picked a team for a certain rank that doesn’t quite match up with the average number of wins.

Anyway, here are our predictions, by division, and our projected number of wins for each.  It will be interesting to revisit this later in the year and see how we’re doing. No one can predict injuries, breakout seasons, or that “x-factor” that makes the game great, but I suspect we are reasonably close to the mark – at least on the rankings.

*Note: The aggregate number of wins across all the divisions will not add up to the necessary 2430 for the season, because the number of wins shown here is the average number we chose for each team.

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  1. Jack Cade

    Hahahahahaha Indians and Tigers the same at 84, ahahahaha no!

    Tigers are going to win 91 games, the Tribe will win 82, Royals are going to tumble, their magic trick has been exposed and they are a weaker team this year, 87. Tigers are going to win the division.
    Also, without Hunter the Twins aren’t going to break 80, the Sox might surprise people and do it.

    • David_N_Wilson

      I suppose that opinion ha snothing to do with being a Tigers fan (lol) We’ll see… we’ll come back later in the season and see what happens… as we all know, it could be nearly anything.


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