Ten BBE Writers Predict 2016 Standings and Games Won

Source: Jamie Squire - Getty Images-North-America

Source: Jamie Squire/Getty Images-North-America

American League Central: 

We have a clear favorite here. All but one of our writers chose the Kansas City Royals to win the division, despite the beefing up of the Detroit Tigers, and the offseason work being done by the Cleveland Indians system. Cleveland got the lone dissenting vote for first place, and the win projections, oddly, back that up, moving the Tribe to second place in our overall predictions. The single choice for first place gave them the edge in the standings over the Tigers, who we project to win an identical number of games. In the fourth and fifth slots, out of contention, we were also mostly in agreement placing the Minnesota Twins fourth and the Chicago White Sox in last place. This prediction could skew, of course, dependent on last minute moves in free agency, or trades.

Kansas City Royals – 93
Cleveland Indians – 84
Detroit Tigers – 84
Minnesota Twins – 81
Chicago White Sox – 74

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  1. Jack Cade

    Hahahahahaha Indians and Tigers the same at 84, ahahahaha no!

    Tigers are going to win 91 games, the Tribe will win 82, Royals are going to tumble, their magic trick has been exposed and they are a weaker team this year, 87. Tigers are going to win the division.
    Also, without Hunter the Twins aren’t going to break 80, the Sox might surprise people and do it.

    • David_N_Wilson

      I suppose that opinion ha snothing to do with being a Tigers fan (lol) We’ll see… we’ll come back later in the season and see what happens… as we all know, it could be nearly anything.


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