Ten BBE Writers Predict 2016 Standings and Games Won

Mike Strobe - Getty Images North America

Mike Strobe/Getty Images North America

National League Central: 

The Chicago Cubs received eight of ten first place nods in this division, with one writer giving that position to each of the Pittsburgh Pirates and the St. Louis Cardinals. This is one of those discrepancy, too-close-to-call votes I mentioned, because though more of us chose the Pirates to take second place in the division, the average number of projected wins for the Cardinals came out one game higher. If the Cubs perform as expected, the questions in this division are all about the resiliency of the Cardinals and the tenacity of the Pirates. The fourth and fifth spots go to the Milwaukee Brewers, and Cincinnati Reds respectively. We gave the Brewers a small edge in this battle, but expect neither team to be in serious contention in 2016.

Chicago Cubs – 98
Pittsburgh Pirates – 92
St. Louis Cardinals –93
Milwaukee Brewers – 69
Cincinnati Reds – 65

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  1. Jack Cade

    Hahahahahaha Indians and Tigers the same at 84, ahahahaha no!

    Tigers are going to win 91 games, the Tribe will win 82, Royals are going to tumble, their magic trick has been exposed and they are a weaker team this year, 87. Tigers are going to win the division.
    Also, without Hunter the Twins aren’t going to break 80, the Sox might surprise people and do it.

    • David_N_Wilson

      I suppose that opinion ha snothing to do with being a Tigers fan (lol) We’ll see… we’ll come back later in the season and see what happens… as we all know, it could be nearly anything.


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