The 10 Best Contracts of the 2016 Offseason: Owner Perspective

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images North America

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images North America

The amount of money flying around baseball these days can be staggering. While players are reaping the benefits of huge contracts, some clubs feel they are getting a bargain. Some of these deals are meant to have immediate impact, while others are intended to have more of an impact on the future.

Millions of dollars may seem like a lot of money to us average folks (It is!), but to MLB  owners it is about winning and fielding the best possible club without going bankrupt. The old philosophy that owners can simply buy a championship has almost died out. The teams with the best development, roster organization and team chemistry have been proving you can win it all without breaking the bank;  just ask the Kansas City Royals. When the time is right, though, an owner needs to be able to open his wallet to try to get the missing piece to the puzzle.

Here are ten offseason deals that owners should be feeling good about.

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