Classic Threads: Philadelphia Phillies

Many Variations: 1934-1945

Leslie Jones Collection / Boston Public Library

Leslie Jones Collection / Boston Public Library

During this era, many different uniforms were worn. The key elements of these jerseys included either red or blue or even both.

The home uniforms from 1934 to 1937 were white jerseys with a red spoonhead. The “Phillies” cursive script was red with blue trim. The lone exception was the 1934 season with it blue with red accents on the “P” and attached tail.

The “P” chest logo returned in 1937. In an odd twist the team went with a yellow and blue scheme the 1938 season. After that it went to a red with blue color scheme before going to navy blue in 1942.

Following 1943 both the home and away jerseys took a mirrored look. Both would feature a cursive “Phillies” script in blue with the 1944 and 1945 seasons on a blue spoonhead jersey.

From 1934 to 1941 the road uniforms had some variant of a cursive “Phillies” script with an attached tail. For most seasons the script was red with a blue trim. The first season had the script in red except the “P” and the tail were filled in with white. the 1937 season had the colors flipped with blue and a red outline. The team went off script in the 1938 season, opting for a yellow with blue outline font. Every season went with a red spoonhead except the 1938 yellow spoonhead. Thank goodness yellow did not last.

The 1942 road jerseys consisted of a plain gray top with “PHILS” arched across the front in blue.

The team hat kept the “P” theme going. Early on the hat was blue with a curved “P” in red with white trim. This was phased to a blue hat with a block “P” in red, white, or briefly yellow.

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