Classic Threads: Philadelphia Phillies

Whiz Kids Flannel: 1946-1969

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Getty Images

From 1946 to 1949 we saw mirrored styles on the home and road jerseys. I loved the red and blue trim around the collar and sleeves on these tops. It’s nice to see the Phillies wear them as alternates today. “Phillies” is in a red with blue trim cursive script with the dotted “i’s” with stars. It’s a small touch that pays off.

From 1950 on the home whites featured a red pinstripe. The “Phillies” cursive script switched the outline from blue to white. It keeps it a clean and effective look.

The road uniforms during this time took on a similar effect. The plain gray jersey took on the same look for the “Phillies” front script in red with white outline. It’s a basic look but still nice.

The first few seasons, the team hat was blue with the red bill and the red with white outline “P” up front. After that, the team cap went to the curled “P” in white on an all red hat.

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