Classic Threads: Philadelphia Phillies

Refining a Classic: 1992-Present

Rick Stewart / Getty Images

Rick Stewart / Getty Images

With a uniform redesign in 1992, Philadelphia took a step to channel their past. It’s no surprise why these uniforms have maintained their look, given a few modern tweaks.

Over the past three decades, the home uniform has been a white with red pinstripe. The “Phillies” script is in the classic cursive script in red with the blue stars dotting the “i’s”. The back name and number hold the same style font as the front script in red with the white outline. To top it off, a player number is added to the left sleeve.

The team added an alternate cream jersey, paying homage to the jerseys in the late ’40s. While it lacks the sleeve number, the thin blue trim on the script, name and numbers is a quality touch. Even better is the red and blue trim on the collar and sleeve hems.

The road grays from then to now hold a mirrored style to the home uniforms. Still in a plain gray, the script, name, and numbers have added pop with the white outline being more visible. The red and white sleeve hems are an added bonus I enjoy.

A few alternate hats were added during this era. The red with white “P” hat was the main lid. A 1994 alternate in blue with a red with white outline “P” made a few appearances. The red with blue brim featuring the white “P” with blue star in the opening is a personal favorite of mine. The blue with red brim and red “P” with white outline is the more recent alternate cap — a nice commend to the 1940s.


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