Classic Threads: Washington Nationals

First in War, First in Peace, Back in Major League Baseball: 2005-2010

Michael Layton / Getty Images

Michael Layton / Getty Images

As the Nationals joined the National League, they went away from the pinstripes and playful cursive scripts seen in Montreal. Their new look would be a more basic but chiseled script, as if it was monument to Washington D.C.. While these were not my favorite jerseys, no one can argue about the hat design.

On the home white uniforms, the team took a simple approach. The “Nationals” script and both player numbers would be red with gold and navy trim in a shadowed font. As mentioned earlier it comes off as a chiseled look, though not my cup of tea. The player name would be a simple two-color lettering in red with thin navy outline.

The early road uniforms took an inverse style to the home uniforms. The “Washington” script and both numbers would be in a navy with gold and red trim. The player name was navy with the red outline.

In 2009, the team went to a cursive “Washington” script in red with a white outline. Needless to say, this is a drastically better jersey. I love this top, even forgiving my dislike for the player number fonts used.

Also included were two different “DC” chest logo alternates in both red and navy.  While I liked the design of both, I am not a fan of the chest logo. The “DC” logo was also used as an alternate cap in red. The team even wore a red “W” (back) jersey introduced in 2009 with the same number font as the home and away.

The hat design took the old Senators’ “W” and gave it a second life. The home hats were the red caps. On the road, the Nats were in navy blue.

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