Classic Threads: Washington Nationals

Well Dressed Contenders: 2011-Present

Brad Mills / USA TODAY Sports

Brad Mills / USA TODAY Sports

The best thing about all the hype surrounding the Nationals is getting to see lots of national broadcasts. With those broadcasts we get to see some of the game’s best uniforms.

The home jerseys took on a new and better design. The white jerseys with the red and blue spoonhead now incorporate the “W” logo on the chest. Flanking the “W” is the chest number. The front and back numbers and logos are in red with a navy trim.

That same look is applied to both the red alternate top and the navy alternate top. The red jersey flips the patch and spoonhead colors to white and navy. On the blue tops, usually worn on military appreciation nights and patriotic days, to white with red trim. I love the blue jersey’s “W” patch with the stars and stripes motif.

On the road grays, the Washington cursive script remains. The other elements are updated to reflect the home uniform style. I know I’m repeating myself, but I love the road jersey.

All the jerseys have the Nationals’ circle logo patch on the left sleeve.

As far as the team hats go, the logo stays the same. The red hat remains the home lid. The road and usually alternate hat is the navy with red brim style. Honestly, I miss the navy lid.


Hope you enjoyed my run of each team’s uniforms; feel free to look back at all my other posts.

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