Naming the “John Scott” MLB All-Stars

Third Basemen: Juan Uribe, Free Agent

Source: Maxx Wolfson/Getty Images North America

Source: Maxx Wolfson/Getty Images North America

The funny thing is, Juan Uribe isn’t a bad baseball player. He posted respectable numbers last year, and he actually hit .311 back in 2014.

Let’s be real though. Uribe is known throughout baseball as the guy with the enormous cheeks. The veteran is listed as 6’0″ and 230 pounds, and I’m convinced that 220 of those pounds come from his face.

A lot of people on this list are here because they’re not particularly good or because they were once good but now aren’t. The Dominican third bagger is here for his facial features. Everyone’s favorite baseball page, Cespedes Family BBQ, summed it up best:

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