Naming the “John Scott” MLB All-Stars

Outfield: Melvin Upton Jr., San Diego Padres

Source: Justin Edmonds/Getty Images North America

Source: Justin Edmonds/Getty Images North America

Once upon a time, Melvin Upton Jr. was actually a productive outfielder. He had power, he got on base well, and he did a respectable job in center field. After the 2012 season, he signed a major contract with the Atlanta Braves, at which point he promptly forgot how to play baseball. He hit for horrible average, lost all his power, and no longer could get on base.

Since leaving Tampa Bay, Upton has 26 home runs in three years, two fewer than his 28 total in 2012. In San Diego last year, he wasn’t terrible in limited time, but he is still a far cry from the hot commodity he once was.

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