Building a Roster with the Remaining Free Agents

Dexter Fowler

 (Photo by Stephen Green)

Position Players:
C: Tony Sanchez (27), 0.0 WAR
1B: Pedro Alvarez (28), 0.4 WAR
2B: Juan Uribe (36), 1.2 WAR
SS: Ian Desmond (30), 1.4 WAR
3B: David Freese (32), 1.1 WAR
OF: Dexter Fowler (29), 1.6 WAR
OF: Will Venable (33), 0.3 WAR
OF: Austin Jackson (29), 1.0 WAR
Bench: Shane Victorino (35), 0.4 WAR
Bench: Justin Morneau (34), 0.4 WAR
Bench: Marlon Byrd (38), 0.0 WAR
Bench: Jimmy Rollins (37), 1.0 WAR

Total: 8.8 WAR

The name that sticks out of this list the most is Dexter Fowler, who spent the 2015 season roaming CF for the Chicago Cubs. Fowler was almost able to put together a 20/20 season, finishing with 17 HRs and 20 SBs. Expect the Chicago White Sox, Rangers, and potentially the Orioles to eventually decide to strike a deal with Fowler. Ian Desmond is another prominent name still out there. Desmond failed to reach expectations in 2015, which appears to have significantly diminished his value on the open market. Desmond’s biggest flaw is his fielding and it has been suggested that he might be better suited to play third base. Desmond has been linked to the San Diego Padres and Rays, among others. It remains to be seen if Desmond will eventually have to settle for much less than he had hopped for.

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  1. jesse

    Desmond is more likely to be playing in Japan than getting a deal that he turned away fromt the Nats a few years or the same as his QO last year. Guy has an agent who has his head in the clouds.


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