Seattle Mariners Spring Training Preview



The single greatest day of the year is quickly approaching, Opening Day. Another year is upon us and it seems like yesterday that the Kansas City Royals were finishing off the New York Mets in the World Series.

But before we get to Opening Day, we need spring training. With spring training comes a renewed hope for all teams (with the possible exception of half the National League) that this could be the year their favorite team makes a run at the World Series. While some teams are better suited than others to get there, you really have no idea what will take place on the field. That is what makes this sport so fun to watch and cover.

The Seattle Mariners are thought to be in the middle of the pack of teams who can win it all. The M’s are a totally rebuilt team, now under the guidance of former Los Angeles Angels General Manager, Jerry Dipoto. Unlike when he was with the Angels, Dipoto has full control of the M’s, and it’s time to see if he can build a championship roster. The early stages of his plan were put into motion this offseason, so what do you need to watch for during spring training?

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