Chicago Cubs: An Offseason Report Card

Jonathan Danie - Getty Images North America

Jonathan Daniel – Getty Images North America


Another good problem to have is coming into the offseason with the core of a great team intact. Fine-tuning was the game plan, rather than filling huge holes, or rebuilding. The 2015 Cubs did things their fans haven’t seen in a very long time, and a few things they’d never seen, like beating the St. Louis Cardinals in the postseason and bringing a Championship series to Wrigley Field.

Every piece that was added this winter has improved the club, and nearly every question has been answered. While I’m not a believer in the “sophomore slump” as an actual phenomenon, we do have several young players coming off the longest, most active season of their careers. There could be fatigue. There will be adjustment periods as the pitchers and players on other teams “figure them out”, but that’s true at every level.  There are veterans on hand to provide help and advice. There is the ever-present question: What will Joe Maddon do next? There is the pressure building from both sides – fans dreaming of that first World Series win since 1908, and opponents gunning for a team clearly on the rise.

Overall, the Chicago Cubs get an A for the offseason. They have made bold moves when necessary and quietly stockpiled assets throughout the winter. There are no doubt plans in motion ,and piles of data that we have no access too that will influence them in the months to come… so I’m going to reprise my status as ‘student,’ sign my professors’ evaluation, and get ready for the new season. #LETSGO

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  1. Sonny Wright

    I think there is a good chance the Cubs will be able to sign Fowler for (1) year and at a reduced price. If he is not signed by Spring Training, i’m sure he dont want to sit out tyhe year.


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