Three X-Factors For Each AL East Team in 2016


Source: Patrick Smith/Getty Images North America

The American League East — as usual — is completely up for grabs in 2016. The three teams in the division that are expected to be in a dog fight are the Toronto Blue Jays, New York Yankees, and Boston Red Sox. However, the expected bottom two of the AL East — the Tampa Bay Rays and Baltimore Orioles — can’t be disregarded. Both clubs have found themselves in the playoff race in recent years, despite not having an impressive team on paper.

When we stop talking about the offseason moves and how each move can potentially affect the AL East, we’ll get to see it. Instead of talking about the best AL East team on paper, we’ll get to see who comes out on top in 162 games.

Which players will have the most on their shoulders for their ball club? Which players will make or break their team’s season?

Here are three X-Factors for each AL East club in 2016.

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