Fantasy Baseball: First round, first pick

It’s that time of the year. The North remains blanketed in snow while the South embraces the sun’s warmth, and the trucks have completed their voyage to their respective spring training sites. Regardless of where you are, it’s never too early to prepare for your yearly run at domination against your friends. It’s time to prepare for fantasy baseball.

So, who’s your first pick?

The Undeniable Top 3

Bryce Harper. Mike Trout. Paul Goldschmidt.

Pick one and don’t look back. If you don’t, it’s either because you’re not very good at this, or someone beat you to it.

Someone beat me to the Top 3

I’m sorry, friend. Don’t give up hope. We’re here to weigh your options.

  1. Clayton Kershaw – there’s nothing wrong with a premature starting pitcher selection. He’s not your reliable big hitting outfielder, but he is your reliable dealer of K’s. (2015: 2.13 ERA, 301 SO)
  2. Josh Donaldson – AL MVP with a flow to rival that of Harper’s. He’s coming off the best season of his career (122 runs, 123 RBI, .297 average, 352 total bases) and is capable of besting Trout and Goldschmidt in fantasy points once again this year.
  3. Nolan Arenado – 42 homeruns, 354 total bases, 130 RBI. The hot corner finished in the top 5 last year with total points, so don’t be surprised if he finds his way there again.
  4. Jose Bautista – If the bat flip seen around the world isn’t enough to make you choose with the Toronto outfielder, a consistent top 10 finish in points should be. The postseason hero had 40 home runs last season with 291 total bases and 114 RBI.
  5. Jose Altuve – Delivering an AL best 38 stolen bases, Altuve remains underrated and undervalued each year. He doubled his career high homeruns to notch 15 for 2015, and is on track his third consecutive 200-hit season.

Wild Card

David Price. Because why not when you could? He really does get better with age. He also has a full Boston lineup to carry on run support, as well as new teammate Craig Kimbrel to back him up. Price is more than familiar with the AL East and won’t find issue competing outside the league ridden with designated hitters.

Honorable Mention

Dee Gordon, the man you never believed in, has absolutely flourished in Miami. I attribute a lot of my close call fantasy wins last season to this guy. He should go within the first eight rounds.

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