Five Bold Predictions for the 2016 Chicago Cubs Season



As Sure as God Made Little Green Apples – The Cubs Will Win THIS World Series

Okay… I lied. My final “bold” prediction is actually a three-parter, and is very similar to the predictions everyone else is making. I’m no Harry Caray, but, they will win more than 95 games. They will win the National League Central, and they will win the World Series.  I won’t say you heard it here first, but I will remind you come October, that I said it. No matter how it all works out, it’s a very good time to be a Chicago Cubs fan.

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  1. Sonny Wright

    I like the way David Wilson thinks. I too think the Cubs will win it all. I said that in 2003 too. That year was Dusty Bakers fault,i don’t care what anyone says. If he stays healthy Kyle will hit 35+ homers.If they do win the WS they should sweep the awards (only if they win it all) come on baseball fans….tell it like it is.

    • David_N_Wilson

      I don’t know if you can put all of that on Dusty. This feels different though, doesn’t it? I mean – I felt about this way when I was 10 years old and Ernie and Ron were going to win in ’69… (stupid Mets)… but this is the closest I’ve felt to real excitement in a long time.

      • Sonny Wright

        Yes i still dislike the Mets over 1969. Now let me explain 2003. Prior was sailing along could smell victory when the Bartram ball happened. You could see Prior was upset Prior was a ROOKIE Dusty should have went to the mound and tell him the only guy in the Wrigley who can hurt you is at the plate. Step off the mound take 3 deep breaths and get this guy out and we can pack for the World Series. But all he did was chew his toothpick and watch Prior fall apart. David this is just my opinion…

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