New York Yankees: Top 20 Prospects

   Mateo.0.0Bryan Green – flickr

2. Jorge Mateo, SS, 20 – Signed in January 2012 out of the Dominican Republic for $250,000 thousand

Jorge Mateo has speed. And a lot of it. Mateo, only twenty, still has room to grow into a more polished hitter, but his speed is real. He has the potential to steal 50 bases a season if he can find a way to get on base thirty-percent of the time. His speed also translates into the field, which helps him cover a lot of real estate. Mateo is not expected to see the majors this season, but he has the potential to break into the league in 2017. The Yankees’ biggest hope with Mateo this season is that he continues to develop and mature as a hitter. If he can, he will skyrocket up the prospect ranks due to his blazing speed.

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