Who Is Broward College’s Bat Flip King?

Baseball is in the air, and apparently so are bats. Wait, what? Yes bats are most certainly in the air. In case you somehow missed it last week, Broward College’s JC Millan delivered us all the best bat flip of the year so far, and the best bat flip I have ever seen. Take a look below.

Millan has given the Blue Jays Jose Bautista a run for his money for the title of “Most Valuable Bat Flip”. We all remember Bautista’s bat flip following a three run home run in the ALDS this past postseason. Millan’s, although the circumstances were not as crucial as they were in the ALDS, is tough to beat.

So, who is this kid JC Millan? Well, he’s an outfielder at Broward College which is a junior college in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This year he’s hitting .306/.346/.592 while leading the team in at-bats, home runs, RBI’s and stolen bases so far this season.

Similar to a lot of college athletes, baseball is in Millan’s blood. “My father was the one that got me into baseball, while he played professionally in Cuba” said the criminal justice major. “My parents and coaches have been the biggest influence on my career.”

Millan, who is committed to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, a school in Daytona who has taken twelve of the last thirteen conference championships, will transfer after this season.

“One of my teammates actually told me to put it on social media and it was going to get famous. I didn’t really believe him until it started going everywhere” Millan said regarding his moment of fame.

As we’ve seen in the Major Leagues many times, pitchers and teams take exception to bat flips thinking that it is a sign of disrespect. How did the opposing team handle the act? “They handled it fine, they didn’t say anything about it.” said Millan. “It’s a show of disrespect but at the same time when a pitcher strikes out a batter they can show whatever emotions they want. In my case it was an emotional thing, hearing disrespectful comments from the other team and when I hit the home run, my emotions to that just came out.”

Wanting to bury the hatchet and make sure there was no bad blood between the two teams, Millan apologized for his action that he understood could have been interpreted as disrespectful. “No the opposing team didn’t say anything about it. We played them the next day and I apologized to the coach after the game and told him that I didn’t mean to, it was just an emotional thing that happens and he understood. My coach didn’t bring it up to me.”

In answer to the question that is invariably asked after a bat flip of that caliber, Millan said that the celebration was not planned. “No I had no idea about that. things like that you don’t practice on deck or process that through your head. It’s just a moment feeling when you know you crush a baseball.”

Your move Bautista, your move.




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