Jose Bautista’s Comments Shouldn’t Shock Anybody

This is a big season for two of the Blue Jay’s biggest pieces, Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion. These are two players that have given the Toronto Blue Jays hope for the past five seasons, something to cheer about, and both are playing for new contracts next season. Today, Bautista added some fuel to the fire in regards to his negotiations, but most people should not be surprised with Jose’s reaction to the media.

Here’s the full clip:

A lot of people will find something to criticize in anything that an athlete says or does. Does this comment make Jose Bautista arrogant or a villain? Absolutely not. Look at the production that Bautista has given the Blue Jay’s and what he has had to put up with during his tenure here in Toronto.

In my eyes, it’s comforting to see a player actually say what he is feeling to the media and not hide behind cliches like “let my agent handle this” or “I don’t want to discuss my contract situation.”

Jose Bautista is a lot of things, but you can’t say that this athlete hasn’t given Toronto his all and worn his heart on his sleeve for this city.

It’s time to pay up Toronto, and it’s not coming cheap.

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