Los Angeles Angels: Keys to Success in 2016

Credit: Ed Szczepanski/USA TODAY Sports

Credit: Ed Szczepanski/USA TODAY Sports

Where the Angels Stand

This is the time of year when we start seeing all the projections, power rankings, and offseason report cards, which the Angels are not ranked very highly this year. But, I believe that the Angels are putting themselves in the position to compete in the tough AL West.

The rotation, for one, has so much more depth than it did this time last year. There are virtually eight starters competing for five spots in the rotation. The bullpen, after losing Trevor Gott, is depending on Mike Morin and Cory Rasmus to have bounce back years after having strong Septembers. I already talked about how last season’s most glaring weakness, the offense, and how it has been improved. And the defense, just with the addition of Andrelton Simmons, is vastly improved. It’s silly to me that the Angels are being “projected” to be so bad, and getting criticized for the offseason that they had. The Angels are projected to finish 83-79 by USA Today, while Fangraphs has them at 81-81, and PECOTA has them at 75-87. The Angels missed the playoffs by one game, and then made sneaky improvements over the offseason. This Angels team has the potential to surprise — but only if everything breaks their way.

Bless up.

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  1. David_N_Wilson

    One problem with that rotation is that most of the people contending for the last few slots would all BE last slot pitchers on other teams… they really have to count on the top three pulling through for them. Really good test in the first series of the year against the Cubs.


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