Weight Problems and the Fan/Media Response

There’s this baseball player we need to talk about. He has been around for quite a while, and he has battled weight problems as long as I can remember. He stands 5-foot-11, and his weight is probably somewhere between 270 and 310 pounds.

There have been times when his weight issues haven’t seemed to impact his performance — he has made multiple All-Star teams and received MVP votes — but other times you wonder how good he could be if he got himself in shape. Last year he was not nearly as good as he has been at times in his career; in fact, his performance was significantly below average.

The Latin American ballplayer has tried a lot of things to improve his physical condition — some pretty standard, and some less so. Nothing seems to have worked long-term, though, as he keeps showing up overweight.

And the fans and media hate him for it.

But the fans and media love him dearly.

Crap. I don’t know what the next sentence is supposed to be, because I can’t remember if we’re talking about Pablo Sandoval or Bartolo Colon. Oh well, I’ll just scrap this article and write something else. Oops, I just accidentally hit Publish.

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