Dexter Fowler Signing With Chicago Cubs, Five Takeaways

2. Lineup is more balanced

Without Fowler, the Cubs had a void to fill in the leadoff spot. Now, Fowler may very well resume the table-setting position in the Chicago order. After that, positions 2 through 7 can be interchangeable and very dangerous no matter the order. Schwarber was very good in the second spot, but could easily slide down into a more run-producing position. Heyward and Ben Zobrist can both be good in the second spot as well with their ability  to get on base, or lower in the order to drive guys in with good contact. Anthony Rizzo and Bryant could also interchange between the third and fourth spots, or even beyond.

The one certainty is that Joe Maddon has an abundance of lineup possibilities at his disposal. The Cubs can be loaded from top to bottom with great depth, balance, power, and approach. With all of the possibilities, Maddon can easily find an altering left-right lineup that will wreak havoc on opposing pitchers. Fowler’s return also returns his switch-hitting capability. This season could be one for the record books when the Cubs step up to the plate.

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