Dexter Fowler Signing With Chicago Cubs, Five Takeaways

1. The status of Jorge Soler and Javier Baez

While trading Chris Coghlan cleared some room in the outfield, allowing for the signing of Fowler, Chicago still has quite a few options for only a few spots. The question now will be, do the Cubs part ways with either Jorge Soler, Javier Baez, or even both to fill other needs? Both have been included in occasional trade rumors, but now with Fowler back do those rumors get even louder?

Going forward, will Theo Epstein feel a platoon of Schwarber and Soler is the right play, or does a trade ultimately help the team more? Schwarber could eventually end up as the everyday catcher, which would open up an outfield spot, and just how much of a long-term fit is Fowler? Baez has also been getting work done in the outfield this winter to add even more versatility for Chicago. Baez and Soler both have high offensive upside that would play in any park. Either of them could allow the Cubs to add another starting pitching option. But would losing those bats hurt the team long-term?

Epstein has allowed himself many options to make what is already a strong team even stronger. The challenge now will be deciding what moves are the right ones not only for this season, but for the future. The plan has been executed nearly perfectly to give them a huge window of success, and arguably no other team has had a better winter, but the Cubs appear not to be content with anything until a championship is brought back to Chicago.


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