Now, before we get any further, I want to make it known that I am aware that Spring Training has already started. Still, baseball fans around the world are rejoicing, as Spring Training starts to ramp up. I’ve heard it called just a “glorified countdown”  to Opening Day. While this is true, in part, it is also an important step to the beginning of a team’s season.

Following a pair of disappointing seasons that resulted in top-10 picks, the Phillies are entering their first year under the official “rebuild” term. 2015 was a hard year to watch, if you were a Phillies fan, as the team finished 63-99 with the worst record in baseball. This record allowed them to lock down the first overall selection in the 2016 MLB Amateur Draft, an opportunity they haven’t experienced since 1998.

As for the 2016 season, well, hopefully it’s not as ugly as the 2015 season. With the departures of Cole Hamels, Chase Utley, and Ken Giles, I’m hard-pressed to say that the Phillies won’t finish with similar, if not worse results than in 2015.

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Ryan is currently a high school junior, with aspirations of a career in sports journalism. Baseball has been his favorite sport, since he was a young child, and his loyalty lies with the Philadelphia Phillies.

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