Five Worst Moves of the MLB Offseason

Every offseason is filled with all sorts of transactions. From free-agent signings to trades, almost every team is sure to get involved in the action. While every team makes trades to try to get better, either for the short term or the long term, the results do not always match the initial intentions. For every good trade or signing, there seems to be at least one bad transaction. This offseason was no different around baseball.

In an offseason with spending like no other, there was bound to be plenty of questionable moves this offseason. What follows is the five worst moves of the offseason from around baseball.

Honorable Mentions:

Seattle Mariners Trade Away Potential Relief Ace for Middling Arm

This offseason the Seattle Mariners completely revamped their roster under new general manager Jerry Dipoto. While many of the additions will go a long way towards making the Mariners better in 2016, one move may be questionable in the long term. The Mariners acquired LHP Wade Miley from the Boston Red Sox, but had to give up relief ace Carson Smith and RHP Roenis Elias in the process. Miley gives the Mariners some starting pitching depth, but the argument could be made that they would be better off with both Elias and Smith.

Detroit Tigers Sign Mediocre Pitcher

Another team that did a lot of work this offseason to improve their 2016 roster is the Detroit Tigers. With the additions of Justin Upton, Jordan Zimmermann, among a few others, the Tigers not only greatly improved their roster, but also their playoff chances. However, one move may end up being quite questionable. The team also signed RHP Mike Pelfrey for added pitching depth. While Pelfrey has had some success in the past, at two years and $12 million, he could be a liability sooner rather than later.

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  1. Marc Schenker

    the worst blunder in Oriole history. Unless they could have figured out a way to give him enough Adderall to turn him into 2014 Chris Davis. Stupid, stupid, stupid.


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