Top 100 Players in MLB

Al Bello/Getty Images

Al Bello/Getty Images

Top 100 MLB Players: 61-70

61. Dee Gordon 2B

He was clearly the best second baseman in baseball last year, but let’s see if he can sustain an above average bat with a BABIP over of .380. His defense and base running is there. Gordon and the Miami Marlins agreed to a lengthy extension this offseason.

62. Stephen Strasburg SP

Four straight seasons of three-plus wins and is coming up on free agency. He’s had problems with injuries, but his peripherals stay strong. When finally healthy in the second half last year, Strasburg put up the type of numbers that have been expected of him for years.

63. Joe Panik 2B

Not many thought he could duplicate or improve from his 2014 rookie season, but he blew that season out of the water. He posted a 138 wRC+ and 4.2 fWAR in 432 plate appearances.

64. Brandon Belt 1B

After an injury riddled 2014, he came back strong posting a 4.3 fWAR, 135 wRC+ in 556 plate appearances. He had a 4.4-win season in 2013 with almost identical numbers.

65. Eric Hosmer 1B

He had his second good season of his career, much like Belt, but has yet to top 130 wRC+ and four wins. Hosmer is one of the unquestioned leaders of the Kansas City Royals. He can do a little bit of everything on the field.

66. Nelson Cruz RF

Cruz hit 40 home runs for the second consecutive season and posted a career high wRC+ of 158. Not much more to say. Even Safeco Field could not put a damper on Cruz’s power.

67. Alex Gordon LF

The Royals re-signed him in the offseason after their World Series run and he deserved all the money he got. Gordon struggled with injuries in 2014, but still had 122 wRC+ for the second season in a row.

68. J.D. Martinez OF

He posted a five-win season in 2015 with 38 home runs and a 137 wRC+. After he fixed his swing, the hits came.

69. Brian Dozier 2B

He couldn’t quite top his 2014 season, but he was still a three win player in 2015. He’s projected to be a top second baseman and accumulate three-plus wins.

70. Justin Upton OF

Another Detroit signing, he is a top left fielder with three straight seasons of at least 25 home runs and 120 wRC+.

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