Top 100 Players in MLB

David Banks/Getty Images

David Banks/Getty Images

Top 100 MLB Players: 21-30

21. Mookie Betts OF

He slashed .291/.341/.479 with a .310 BABIP and 4.8 fWAR in 654 plate appearances and projections have him performing similar to that in 2016. His defensive metrics in center field show him to be a potential Gold Glover.

22. Jonathan Lucroy C

Baseball Prospectus introduced their new catcher stats and Lucroy was listed as the best active defensive catcher. This boosts his value tremendously and if he can be a league average offensive player then he’s a worthy of being a top-25 pick.

23. Troy Tulowitzki SS

After being acquired from Colorado he struggled, but he still posted a combined fWAR of 7.5 in 909 plate appearances the past two seasons. He is 31, but projections still have him being a three-plus win player.

24. Anthony Rizzo 1B

The Cubs have an exciting team and Rizzo might be their best player. He has a combined 11.2 fWAR the past two seasons while keeping his strikeout rate under 20 percent.

25. Kris Bryant 3B

This might seem high, but he had one of the greatest rookie seasons ever. Not only did he hit 26 home runs, but FanGraphs ranked him as a top five base-runner in 2015 and he played the entire outfield as well. The projections have his .378 BABIP decreasing , but his power to increase.

26. David Price SP

He found a new home in Boston this past offseason after posting a career high fWAR in 2015 of 6.4. He is projected to be a five win pitcher and is definitely a top 30 player.

27. Jose Bautista RF

He should be on the list just for that bat flip last October, but he is still performing very well at age 35. His defense fell off, but he posted a 147 wRC+ and more walks than strikeouts. With his eye and contact rate he could play for another five seasons.

28. Felix Hernandez SP

Felix struggled in 2015 more than ever before, but he still accumulated 200 innings and his strikeout rate was still at his career mean. The projections like him and he’s still only 29.

29. Michael Brantley OF

It’s unknown if he will be ready for Opening Day after offseason surgery, but he has a combined fWAR of 9.9 the last two seasons. He posted a walk rate higher than his strikeout rate and is entering his prime in 2016 at age 29.

30. Jon Lester SP

After signing a big multi year deal with the Cubs last offseason he continued to pitch well, posting an FIP under three and an fWAR of five.

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