Who Is the Face of Each American League Franchise?

Credit: Hannah Foslien / Getty Images North America

Credit: Hannah Foslien / Getty Images North America

Minnesota Twins
Joe Mauer, 1B

Stories don’t get much better than Mauer’s. For starters, it is incredibly rare for elite talent to emerge from the state of Minnesota. Then, the Twins just happen to have the first pick of the draft when the best Minnesota high school prospect in decades comes along. To put into perspective how good Mauer was in high school, consider the fact that he struck out only once in four years. He was the USA Today Player of the Year in baseball and football, and turned down a scholarship from Florida State to play quarterback.

Everything lined up perfectly for the Twins to have their decades-long face in Mauer. Wear and tear have forced him out from behind the plate, but he was the only player in league history to win three batting titles as a catcher and still has the highest batting average ever as a catcher (.328).

Injuries have knocked Mauer down a peg, and he may never win another batting title. None of that matters in Minnesota. Barring something crazy, Mauer will play out the rest of his career with his hometown team, while serving as a bridge to the next generation of Twin Cities stars (who are not yet ready for consideration in the FoF debate).

Honorable Mention: Well…Torii Hunter retired

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