Who Is the Face of Each American League Franchise?

Houston Astros
Jose Altuve, 2B

The Astros may find themselves in a situation similar to the Royals in a few years. With an excess of exciting young talent reaching the big leagues at the same time, the Astros are going to have an almost entirely homegrown core. On the current roster, Jose Altuve stands out the most.

Altuve is the shortest player in the league (his heart is also not measured by his height, but he does not have a trademark New Era cap), but is one of the most exciting to watch. He has led the American League in hits and stolen bases the past two years and also won the batting title in 2014. As the Astros ascend in the standings, Altuve’s personality will be seen by more of a national audience. Almost everything Altuve does on the diamond is exciting, and he is the perfect player to guide his double-play partner (and eventual FoF) Carlos Correa to superstardom.

Honorable Mention: Dallas Keuchel, Carlos Correa

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