Who Is the Face of Each American League Franchise?

Toronto Blue Jays
Jose Bautista, RF

Joey Bats is Toronto baseball. His bat flip in last year’s ALDS will be the stuff of legends in Toronto sports history for years. What’s more, he seems to have embraced playing in Canada’s biggest city, something few players have done in recent years. Yes, the contract situation right now looks bad, but Bautista was wearing a “Toronto is Home” t-shirt while making his demands.

The rest of the league can say what they want about Bautista and his antics. The Baltimore Orioles and their fans have plenty of opinions on the topic. In Toronto though, Bautista is the closest thing to a baseball icon as there can be. If an agreement cannot be made between Bautista and the Blue Jays, there will be many angry Torontonians.

Honorable Mention: Josh Donaldson, Russell Martin, Marcus Stroman

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