Five Best Moves of the MLB Offseason

Every offseason is filled with all sorts of transactions. From free-agent signings to trades, almost every team is sure to get involved in the action. Some deals work out well, while others don’t work out at all. While the bad deals can be the most damaging, the best deals are the ones that are remembered. One strong offseason move can move a team into contention, and perhaps one step closer to a World Series title.

After unveiling the top five worst moves of the offseason, which can be seen at this link, what follows are the top five best moves of the offseason. (As a note, any move included in the worst moves will not be mentioned here for the sake of depth. Therefore, the Atlanta Braves trade of Miller will not be mentioned here).

Honorable Mentions:

Angels Acquire Better Shortstop
After just missing the playoffs in 2015, the Los Angeles Angels acquired former Atlanta Braves shortstop Andrelton Simmons in return for two pitching prospects in Chris Ellis and Sean Newcomb, as well as shortstop Erick Aybar. Immediately, the move makes the Angels better at the big league level, giving the team more talent to pair with Mike Trout. On a minor league level, they gave away the last two of their notable prospects, leaving the farm system entirely barren. In terms of short term value, this will end up being a great move for the Angels. The long term value is slightly more questionable, but, given the state of the Angels, the short term is the more important consideration at the moment.

Kansas City Royals Retain Star
Even coming off a World Series victory, there were significant questions facing the Royals this offseason. Several key players became free agents, including Ben Zobrist, Johnny Cueto, Alex Gordon, and others. Despite these concerns, the team was able to re-sign their star player in Alex Gordon. Gordon is seen by many to be the face of the Royals franchise, and losing him could have led to real trouble for the team. Now that the Royals brought Gordon back, they appear poised to do everything they can to defend the crown in 2016.

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