The 5 Global Stadiums Every Sports Nerd Should Visit in Their Lifetime



5) Wembley Stadium (London, ENG) – Rounding out the list is Wembley Stadium in London, the largest stadium in the U.K. and second-largest in Europe behind Camp Nou in Barcelona. It is home to the England national football team, the FA Cup Final, and has recently welcomed NFL play in the league’s International Series.

Smartphones have truly spearheaded the technological advancement of stadiums across the globe, and Wembley Stadium is among the countless venues incorporating food ordering, instant replays, and video sharing during live events.

Of course, the true fan experience is watching the game first-hand instead of immersed in the digital world of mobile phones.

Honorable mentions –

1) Dubai’s proposed underwater tennis court (Dubai, UAE) – No definitive construction period or opening has been given to the underwater tennis court in Dubai, but should the project come to fruition it would certainly skyrocket up our list of top stadiums in the world. Just make sure to bring some flippers with you when attending a match.

2) Melbourne Cricket Ground (Melbourne, AU) – As the oldest continuously operating sports stadium in the world, Melbourne Cricket Ground is a notorious destination point for tourists and locals alike. Cricket is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world, too, so expect the 100,000+ capacity venue to be filled for decades to come.

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