Fantasy Rankings: First Base

When you think of fantasy rankings for first base, home runs normally come to mind. Lately, another category is starting to creep into the first base column, the stolen base. Three players on my list stole more than 10 bases in 2015. You may be surprised to find out who they are.

A few names who just missed out on the top ten are Albert Pujols, Brandon Belt and Lucas Duda. Pujols hit 40 home runs a season ago with a .244 average. Belt, who should be eligible in the outfield along with first base, is coming off a year where he hit .280 with 18 home runs. If he can stay healthy for an entire season, he could have a big year. Duda should benefit from a good New York Mets lineup this season. A year ago he hit 27 home runs but needs to improve on his .244 average.

Now that you know a few guys just outside the top ten, who made the cut?

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