Who Replaces Maybin for the Tigers?

Sarah Crabill/Getty Images North America

Sarah Crabill/Getty Images North America

Option 1: Tyler Collins

Collins is the candidate with the most major league experience that plays outfield, which gives him the upper hand in this competition. The downsides to Collins are that he doesn’t play a good defensive left field, and doesn’t have much experience in center field, the position that Maybin primarily plays. Also the fact that Collins is a lefty and so is Anthony Gose, so even if he made the roster there wouldn’t really be a platoon chance. Collins has slashed .333/.450/.636 in 40 plate appearances this spring and he has faced mostly major league caliber competition according to Baseball Reference’s rating system. Collins main commodity is that he would bring lots of power off the bench.

In his short time with the Tigers last season he also hit a pinch hit home run in Cincinnati. Collins will turn 26 this year and he’s certainly ready for the major league level and could provide value as a bench player, but the question is if he’ll do it mid-season or to start the year. To recap, he couldn’t get too much playing time as he’s not a center fielder, and if the Tigers played him in center, Collins would hurt them. Collins is the best and most proven hitting option, though.

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