Who Replaces Maybin for the Tigers?


Solution: If the choice were up to me I’d avoid too much looking into the spring numbers and trust myself in making the logical choice of bringing Wynton Bernard north with the rest of the squad to make his major league debut.

Bernard has a good minor league track record and it’s really unfair to let a 30-plate appearance sample size decide anything. Plus Anthony Gose hit below .200 against left-handed pitching last season and had trouble making any contact, let alone good contact against any lefty. This almost puts the Tigers in a position where they need to choose a righty. I just think bringing Holaday up will be awkward and too tough a situation to be worthwhile. The Tigers could deal Holaday for a solid relief arm and get Moya and Collins some consistent playing time before they are eventually called up at some point this season.

Bernard can make the jump and he seems ready and a very skilled player any time I’ve seen him play. He’d be my choice, but all four have a case they deserve the spot. Also, there are non-roster guys like Nate Schierholtz, but none are right-handed center fielders. I’m all for the Tigers keeping Schierholtz around, but he’s just not the best option to replace Maybin.

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