Pete Rose Wins Bet, Reinstated and Eligible for Hall of Fame

It was no surprise to the baseball world when Pete Rose remained banned from working in professional baseball. Despite years of opportunity, the Cincinnati Reds slugger and baseball’s Hit King has never really understood why he was banned, and shows no remorse over the thousands of dollars wagered on the game. It’s been a point of contention for many years that his personal life should not prevent what he did as a player from landing him in the Hall of Fame, but to date the doors have remained closed.

Until now.

In a stunning turn of events, Commissioner Rob Manfred and Hall of Fame President Jeff Idelson are working together to reinstate all-time hit leader Pete Rose as eligible to work in baseball, and for induction to the Hall of Fame. Details are hazy, but the three appear to have come in contact at a fund-raising event held by the Rickett’s family (owners of the Chicago Cubs) to raise money to pay people not to vote for Donald Trump.

Apparently there was an event involving trick shots on a pool table. A few too many cocktails in, the trio was standing by that table when Rose picked up a cue and laid it across the table. He then grabbed the 8-Ball and jokingly suggested a wager. He said he could roll that 8-ball under the pool cue without touching it. If he failed, he’d donate $20,000 to the fundraiser. Thinking it was all in fun, and Rose was being generous, Manfred and Idelson agreed, after which Rose promptly turned and rolled the ball under the table.

“I thought he was kidding around,” Idelson said. “A man’s word is his honor,” Manfred was quoted as saying. Rose replied “there’s one born every minute”.”

It is unclear what position in baseball Rose would be appropriate for, or when he might make the ballot for induction, but you can bet it’s going to remain an interesting story.


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