Daily Fantasy 4/4/16: Who Should be in your DraftKings Lineup?

It is Opening Day and we almost have a full slate of games today. Which means there are a lot of options out there. Here are some of today’s best options on DraftKings.


  1. Clayton Kershaw ($12,900): Yes, he is the most expensive pitcher today, but he is also the best pitcher. And he gets to face the San Diego Padres in San Diego. Over the past three seasons, Kershaw has a 2.19 ERA against San Diego, with 87 K’s in 65.2 IP. Kershaw is a must-have in your lineup today. Build around him.
  2. Raisel Iglesias ($8,900): Iglesias is one of the best young arms in the game and he gets to face the lowly Phillies lineup today. If you have not seen their lineup yet, go take a look for yourself; it is not pretty. He is my go-to second SP for today’s slate. Bumgarner ($9,200) against the Brewers is also another very good option today.


  1. Joey Votto ($4,600): Votto gets on base a lot, and he plays at hitter-friendly Great American Ballpark. That is already a great combination. What makes him an even better option today is that he gets to face Jeremy Hellickson. That is really all you need to know. And Votto is cheaper than the likes of Paul Goldschmidt, Chris Davis, and Anthony Rizzo.
  2. Pedro Alvarez ($3,600): If you are looking to save money at 1B today, Alvarez could prove to be a solid pivot from elite options. He is a hit-or-miss option, but playing in Camden Yards and facing Ervin Santana makes it much more likely that he will be a hit rather than a miss today.


  1. Joe Panik ($4,200): Panik was having a great season last year before he hurt his back. Now Panik is back — and healthy — and he is hitting second today against Wily Peralta. Peralta is one of the weaker pitchers today and Panik is reasonably priced.
  2. Anthony Rendon ($3,700): This guy was an MVP candidate in 2014. Last season was a lost cause — mainly due to injury — and I think Rendon is ready to return to 2014 form. He is a solid pivot from Panik if you are looking to spend elsewhere today. Rendon also has 3B eligibility if you so choose to slot him in there instead.


  1. Josh Donaldson ($4,200): There are more expensive options at 3B today including Manny Machado ($5,000) and Miguel Sano($4,900), who I both like today. However, with Donaldson being much cheaper than both Machado and Sano, I decided to go with him at third base. He gets to face a lefty, which makes the reigning MVP an even more enticing play today. His ownership could also be low today due to the amount of elite options at 3B today.
  2. Daniel Murphy ($3,400): Murphy also has eligibiltiy at 2B, but I like his value more at 3B if you are not going to go with one of the elite options. He should benefit from hitting in a more stacked lineup and he usually puts the ball in play, which is a good recipe for success. Murphy is also a career .375 hitting against today’s SP Julio Teheran in sixteen career ABs.


  1. Ketel Marte ($3,600): I really like Marte today despite the fact that he is facing Cole Hamels. Marte is a switch hitter, so he will be able to bat right-handed against Hamels and he is slotted in the two hole today. If he gets on base, expect Marte to take off. I am putting Marte into almost all my lineups today.
  2. Zack Cozart ($3,100): Cozart was having a great 2015 season before he was injured, but he is back and healthy now. And he gets the friendly matchup of Jeremy Hellickson. He is also leading off which makes his salary look like a bargain. Getting Cozart in your lineup is a great way to save money you can spend elsewhere.


  1. Chris Davis ($5,100): Davis also is eligible to play 1B, but I would rather use him in the OF. Yes, he is priced high, but Davis smashes and Ervin Santana is not very intimidating. If I am going to spend big on anyone today it will be Davis who has a plus match-up and is at home.
  2. Bryce Harper ($4,500): Look, I get that Turner Field is not that best place to hit, but Harper is the reigning MVP. He is priced to buy. Harper will be in most of my lineups mainly based on the fact that he is too cheap to pass up on. He also has a .435 batting average and three HRs in twenty-three career ABs against today’s starter, Julio Teheran.
  3. Carl Crawford ($2,700): Crawford is not that good anymore, I know. But he is really cheap and expected to lead off tonight. He is a very good punt play as he has a very good chance of reaching his value. Having Crawford in your lineup will also allow you to get some of the bigger bats in your lineup today, like Chris Davis and Bryce Harper.
  4. Franklin Gutierrez ($2,800): Gutierrez rejuvenated his career last season and he is very good against lefties. He happens to be facing one today in Cole Hamels. He also gets to hit in Arlington, which is a hitter-friendly park. He is another very good cheap option to slot into your lineup to add other, more expensive players elsewhere.

Good Luck and Happy Opening Day!

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